Why I Love My New Healthy Airfryer

Why I Love My New Healthy Airfryer

If you love healthy low-fat meals and hardly have any time to cook anymore, then you need the right appliance for your kitchen that can adapt to your needs. Well, an airfryer might be the perfect solution for you.

Use It for Anything!

Since an airfryer can bake, fry, grill and roast practically any kind of food, it will take care of practically any kind of meal that you might need for any kind of occasion. You can make grilled cheese sandwiches in the morning, fish and chips for lunch, and grilled salmon at night – and all with the utmost ease, too. You can also use it to warm up any leftover food that you might have from the day before in just a few minutes without losing any of the food’s crisp.

Cook Things in a Flash!

An airfryer can cut up to 50% of your cooking time. Plus, it will give you more time to do other chores while you cook. Aside from that, it won’t make as much mess as regular cooking does, so cleaning up afterwards will be as easy as pie. In fact, you can just throw most of its parts into your dishwasher to clean them.

As for the main body of the airfryer, all you have to do is wipe it clean and you’re good to go. The actual cooking of the food doesn’t take long, either. Most of the time, it only takes 15 to 30 minutes to cook anything, including roasting a small chicken.

Say Goodbye to Oil!

Most people don’t add any oil to their meals when they cook with an airfryer. Even without oil, though, chicken wings end up great with crispy skin on the outside and moist meat in the inside when cooked in an airfryer. This means that you can enjoy delicious fried food in a healthy manner sans the oil.

Generally speaking, I have noticed that heating up my airfryer for around 3 minutes results in better food. Just as with a Chinese wok, which needs to be heated up before adding in the meat and the oil, the high heat in an airfryer will seal the juices in to produce tender, juicy and delicious meat to eat. If you want crispier results, try adding a thin layer of oil to your food before cooking it.

I have also noticed that timing plays a big part in cooking with an airfryer. You may have to experiment a little bit to figure out how to come up with food that isn’t too dry or too juicy. Recipe books aren’t always accurate, after all.

I have come to find, though, that turning the food around halfway through cooking prevents it from sticking to the pan and ensures more even browning. Generally speaking, you will need to shake it halfway if you are cooking fries to ensure that they don’t stick to the basket. The same goes for fish fillets, steaks and chicken wings. Not only will flipping them make the basket easier to clean; it will also result in even browning.

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