Get To Learn What Goes With French Onion Soup For A Great Time

Get To Learn What Goes With French Onion Soup For A Great Time

The French onion soup is something that has been around for centuries, and people have found a special place for it so that they can keep enjoying it. You might have picked up the French onion soup recipe and decided to enjoy yourself, but you are not sure what to pair with the soup. As much as the French onion soup might be great, it would be missing something.

We get to look at what goes with French onion soup easily starting today. With these suitable types of foods, you should have an easy time enjoying your French soup even more.

Use Acidic Food Types

Use Acidic Food Types

You need to add some sourness or acidity to the other dishes that are accompanying the French soup as a way of balancing the onions found in the soup. You could have the salad with capers or orange segments for accompanying the soup.

Another option would be using a meat course with fresh berries such as the sour cherries, cranberries, or the blackberries. You could alternatively have the cream cheese as part of the sour flavor and a carrot cake to finish off the meal.

Using Green Salad

Using Green Salad

There is no way you can go wrong with the green salad as it is always easy to prepare. The presence of a tangy taste found in the salad is going to easily pair with the great flavor of the French soup.

Preparing the salad is often simple; you can have some of the common ingredients such as jicama, Parmesan cheese, lettuce, and pomegranate seeds. It is easy for some people to buy the commercial salad already made for them, but it always feels good making a fresh salad at home.

As for the dressing of the salad, you need to add honey, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, pepper, scallion, and salt. Proper dressing of the salad is often the secret to having the best tasting salad for the day.

Your salad should be ready to go down easily with the French onion soup.

Add Some Proteins To The Soup

easy french onion soup recipe with croutons

You can now turn the French onion soup into something you can enjoy as a full meal by having the addition of protein to the recipe. Some of the options you could use for the proteins include chickpeas, and reduced sodium beef. As for the fiber, opt for the use of whole-wheat bread. Just like that, you should have enough proteins in your food to make it complete.

Some opt to add dry sherry to the soup. Even if you like to do this, remember that cooking the sherry will make it have more sodium than when drinking sherry.

The Use Bitter Food Types

keto creamy onion soup

Some chefs often take that bitter foods offer a cleansing bite that would just make you feel like eating more. Some of the so called bitter foods would be using arugula and watercress combined with rich tuna and steak dishes.

This could be great for serving for the second course after taking your soup. It is advisable to incorporate such bitter tastes in the meals such as using vegetables to cleanse the bites. You can always opt for the common type of vegetable dishes such as spinach and kale.


There is no doubt that by now you are intrigued about what to try when it comes to what goes with French onion soup. As you can see, there are various options you can use for the soup. Make sure that you choose something that easily complements it so that you can enjoy eating taking the soup today.

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