Top Classic French Desserts And Where To Get Them

Top Classic French Desserts And Where To Get Them

There is no other nation in the world is known for its dessert than France. Marie Antoinette perhaps never mentioned ’’Let them eat cake”. However, this revolutionary norm has been on the books of history from time immemorial, becoming a cruel flippancy and a byword of the inequality of elites.

However, one can still imagine how the most respected judgment of a politician could be affected greatly by the intoxicating amounts of sugar and butter found in these desserts.


Of all the desserts in French, this one is certainly the most memorable and the most favorite among the locals and visitors. The Madeleine is a miniscule, light and shell-shaped when it is baked in the right manner. You can find these cakes in most shops across the city. However, if you ask around, the locals will tell you the fluffiest of them all around fount at Fabrice Le Bourdat’s Blé Sucré.

Tarte Tatin

In the US, a few minor accidents in the kitchen let to things such as potato chips, chocolate chip cookies and corn flakes. On other hand, in France, you get nothing more delicious than Tarte Tatin. Experts argue that the dessert is cousin to the humble apple pie. In addition, Tarte Tatin is made with a number of fruits such as quinces, prunes and pears. If you want to get the best Tarte Tatin, then you are advised to check into Berthillon on the Ile Saint Louis.


The dessert is one of the easiest to prepare, and yet the tastiest. You cannot eat this dessert without throwing some pieces all over yourself. If anyone out there doesn’t mention this dessert when listing the top best desserts in France, they should be sued and be convicted. You can never go wrong with Mille-feuille.

Crème brûlée

The English, the French and the Catalans all claim to be the first people to prepare crème brûlée recipe. However, you can easily conclude that the French are hold all the creative rights because you can’t fail to see the dessert in every menu in the country. For the best of this dessert, why don’t you visit the Le Potager du Pere Thieryy located in Montmartre?


This dessert and the concept of love have one thing in common. Both of them originate in the middle ages, made a name for themselves in the 19th century industriousness and creativity, and even today, a time people think civilization is at its peak, there are so many photos of this dessert on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. If you are in Paris, you can get yourself some macaron at Laduree patisseries.


This dessert four crucial toppings including figs, hazelnuts, raisins as well as almonds. All these ingredients represent the Augustinian, the Dominican, the Carmelite as well as the Franciscan orders respectively. In our world today, it reflects a secular France, the main ingredients are dried fruits, seeds and peels. The oldest chocolatier in Paris is the la mere de famille and features some of the best mendicants.

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