Canola Oil Substitute Butter

Canola Oil Substitute Butter

You are a big fan of butter or wishing to use it instead of canola oil? But don’t know if it would go right or wrong?

What is canola oil?

It is a kind of vegetable oil that you can get from rapeseed oil. Basically, rapeseed contains a low amount of erotic acid.

This edible oil inherits the goodness of the Brassicaceae plant family.

Many of you are familiar with mustard oil. Canola oil is a group of that oil but it’s totally neutral in taste with a color like rice bran.

Origin of canola oil

The word rapeseed comes from RAPUS. This means turnip. Turnip, Mustard and Cabbage are related to this term.

This group contains lots of omega 3, Fatty acid, antioxidant properties, and low erotic acid.

After World War II, Canada started to produce this oil industrially. Now its production has spread all over the world.

Nutrition value of canola oil

This is considered safe for human consumption.

Here you can have a look

Oleic acid 61%
Linoleic acid 21%
Omega 3 11%
Saturated fatty acid 7%
Palmitic acid 4%
Stearic acid 2%
Trans fat 0.04%
Erucic acid 0.01%
Vitamin E and K 12%

Benefits of canola oil

Its low erucic acid helps you to cut extra cholesterol.

Reduces inflammation

Provides better digestion

Fights against Diabetes type: 2

Regular use gives a shiny, even-toned skin.

Daily use of canola oil can make your sugar level balanced.

A good pet food additive.

Substitutes of canola oil

You can find lots of alternatives to canola oil, but few substitutes are better to use.

Here according to researchers, 7 types of substitute are better:

  1.       Olive oil: Comes from olive fruit of the olive tree. A good alternative to canola oil.
  2.       Safflower oil: Comes from safflower seeds. Use refined safflower oil for cooking.
  3.       Sunflower oil: You can obtain it from sunflower seeds. All-purpose oil.
  4.       Almond oil: Almond produces this oil. Better for dressing than cooking.
  5.       Avocado oil: Avocado seeds make this oil. Multitasking oil.
  6.       Soybean oil: Comes from soybeans. Basically used for cooking.
  7.       Butter: Dairy products derived from milk. A good alternative to canola oil.

 What is butter?

Butter is a popular dairy product made from churning milk or cream. The churning process separates the butterfat from the buttermilk or liquid.

Normally we use butter, which comes from cow’s milk. But Sheep, Goat, Yak or Buffalo milk can also produce butter.

Cow milk contains much more lactic acid and saturated fat. So it’s more popular than the other types.

Butter nutrition value

One tablespoon butter will provide you the nutrients below-

Calories 100%
Total fat 11%
Vitamin A 12%
Vitamin E 3%
Vitamin B12 1%
Vitamin K 1%
Fatty acid 70%

Why is butter a good substitute for canola oil?

As you can see, butter contains calories and fatty acids at a high rate. It does not contain erucic acid. So it can be easily used in the alternative for canola oil.

How to make butter at home

Follow these easy steps to make butter at home:


2 or 3 cups of heavy cream

¼ tablespoon salt

Preparation time: 10minute

Step 1: Pour cream into a food processor or blender

Step 2: Process for 10 minutes or until the butter separates

Step 3: Now strain off the liquid with a strainer or neat cotton cloth.

Step 4: A cotton cloth will serve better to strain and squeeze.

Step 5: If you are using a strainer then press the butter with the back of a spoon to squeeze excessive liquid.

Step 6: Now Pour the butter into a crock and cover it properly with a cotton cloth.

Step 7: Place it into a dry and cool place or floor. Wait for 24 hours.

You are all set to use the butter.

How much butter should you eat a day:

1 tablespoon butter at breakfast time is enough for an adult.

It is high in calories and fatty acids. Excessive butter consumption can cause obesity or heart risk.

Benefits of butter

Regular use of butter treats you with glowing skin.

Its calories will increase your immunity.

It boosts cell growth and reduces damaged cells.

It fills the necessary amount of raw salt without any side effects.

It makes your visionary system better.

Side effects of butter

The butter itself is a great food item. But every good thing comes with some limits.

Excessive butter can cause-

  • Obesity
  • Heart risk
  • Blood clot inside the vessels
  • It causes extra sweat and uncontrolled body temperature.

Can I use Margarine instead of butter?

Yeah! Definitely, you can use margarine instead of butter.

It contains the same properties as butter with low fat.

So when it comes to heart health, margarine can serve you better.

It helps to-

  • Reduce excessive fat
  • Keep vitamin E and A level perfect for your skin.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • Provide your energy and immunity.

Do ghee and butter serve the same?

No. Ghee is a dairy product with a strong taste. So it can’t be used just like butter.

But when it comes to cooking, you can use it for frying and baking.

Here I tried to give you the maximum information. I hope you will have a clear knowledge of whether you can use butter instead of canola oil or not.

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