Avalon Bay Air Fryer Reviews

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Reviews

Avalon Bay is a more specialized manufacturer currently offering just three products: ice makers, coolers for wine bottles, and air fryers. The air fryers inspired enough customer loyalty to launch one independent web page where a customer and friends had posted, as of August 7, 2015, ten recipes. Avalon Bay air fryers retail for about $100.

Top three reasons why people choose Avalon Bay air fryers:

  1. Low-fat frying. Several reviewers mention the taste and crispness of air-fried food, especially potatoes. No oil needs to be added to food unless you want to add oil for flavor.
  2. Easy cleaning. Even those who brushed or sprayed oil onto food (before or after frying) mention having to clean only the fryer basket.
  3. Price. Several satisfied Avalon Bay users mentioned living in small apartments. One said, “Every college dorm should have one.”

Top five questions and answers about Avalon Bay air fryers:

1. What can I cook with this device? Is there a cookbook?

Answer: Basic instructions come with the device. Fancier recipes are available online; those who’ve tested recipes from a web site dedicated to air-frying say those recipes work with the Avalon Bay fryer, and one customer who had a recipe book for a different brand of air fryer said those recipes also served her well. Minimalist cooks who just drop in cut potatoes, zucchini, sausages, etc. and cook until done give the Avalon Bay fryer good ratings.

2. How big is it?

Answer: It’s 13″ wide, 11″ high, and weighs 13.6 pounds.

3. Does the Avalon Bay air fryer cook breaded or battered foods?

Answer: This fryer gets mixed reports for breaded and battered food. It will definitely cook the food, but some foods come out better than others.

4. Can you bake a cake in it?

Answer: The Avalon Bay air fryer doesn’t come with cake pans, nor does the home page mention pans being available. However, an air fryer can be described as “a mini convection oven,” and it’s safe for metal pans if you have pans that fit.

5. What’s the wattage?

Answer: The air fryer plugs into a standard 120-volt wall socket, but apparently uses 1500 watts, so it might cause a power surge in some buildings. I wouldn’t plug it into the same circuit with a computer.


Those who want a relatively low-priced air fryer, and chose an Avalon Bay fryer, generally seem to love it. Only one reviewer complained of having received an apparently defective fryer (“handle rusted”), and some mention that this fryer seems to ship well. The majority of customers who don’t like Avalon Bay fryers seem to be people who don’t like air-fried food. A few wanted more detailed instructions; by now, reading the Amazon page for this product will help. By and large Avalon Bay air fryers get excellent reviews.

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