All of Your Basic Airfryer Questions Answered

All of Your Basic Airfryer Questions Answered

There are different kinds of delicious food that you can create with an airfryer, including potatoes, French fries, snacks, poultry and meat. You can even make more complex dishes, like tapas, as well as brownies.

You can grill vegetables in an airfryer, too, including peppers, zucchini and corncobs. However, vegetables that are usually steamed, like beans, carrots and broccoli, cannot be cooked in an airfryer.

Both fresh and frozen ingredients can be prepared in an airfryer, as well. You don’t even have to defrost the frozen ones anymore. While frozen ingredients may take a little longer to prepare, they usually do not affect the overall results. The airfryer’s temperature knob will help you pick the perfect setting for your ingredients with ease.

If you want, you can even prepare two different kinds of ingredients at once. You just have to get the divider ready and then fill it up with different ingredients on each side. You just need to ensure that each ingredient’s preparation temperatures match as needed.

The Load That It Can Handle

You can fill up an airfryer basket up to its max indication. The amount of ingredients that you can prepare will depend on the type of food that you plan on cooking, though. An airfryer can usually hold 800g of French fries, for instance. Take note that placing a lot of ingredients in an airfryer may also result in uneven results.

When airfrying snacks, you can airfry up to 500g of small ones as long as you shake them halfway through the frying process. You can also airfry large snacks, poultry or meat by distributing a snack layer at the bottom of the basket, ensuring that the basket isn’t covered up completely. This is important so that enough hot air can circulate and heat up all of the ingredients as needed.

The Magic Qualities of an Airfryer

Airfryers use something called Rapid Air technology, a one-of-a-kind patented combination of air circulation that makes hot air circulate in the basket. This is what heats up all of the ingredients so quickly and all at once, making it a fast, easy and healthy method to prepare delicious food. The best part is that the food made with an airfryer is very crispy and never dry.

While traditional fryers use a lot of oil to create crispy food, airfryers do not need oil at all. Instead, it heats up the food merely by circulating the hot air. This means that you can fry food with up to 80% less fat. If you make homemade French fries with an airfryer, for example, you can make fries with a fat percentage of as low as 1.5%.

Aside from that, making food with an airfryer is both fast and easy. You can actually make French fries in just 12 minutes. All you have to do is set the preparation time and the airfryer will turn off automatically once the time is up. It will usually take three minutes to heat up the airfryer, but you won’t have to pre-heat it anymore.

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