Airfryer vs Deep Fryer: Which One is the Winner?

Airfryer vs Deep Fryer: Which One is the Winner?

If you have been wondering what the differences are between deep fryers and airfryers and the food that they produce, so that you can decide which one to buy for your home, then this article is perfect for you.

To Oil or Not to Oil

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When cooking raw meat in an airfryer, you won’t even have to add any oil at all since extra oil actually drips out of the meat while you cook it. This will result in your chicken having less fat in it than it had before you started cooking it. The best part is that the skin’s crispiness will still be intact, but the meat will still be tender and moist inside.

Unlike deep fryers, which use up one to four litres of oil, you won’t need any oil when cooking with an airfryer, though you can add a tablespoon if you want. However, a tablespoon is more than enough. This means you will get to save on oil by using an airfryer and won’t have to worry about disposing of the oil afterwards, either.

Aside from that, airfryers only have a drip pan and a cooking pan or cooking basket for you to clean up, all of which can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. Even if you decide to wash them by hand, though, you won’t have any trouble doing so since any food that gets stuck to the pan or basket will come off quickly after getting soaked.

This definitely never happens with a deep fryer. Plus, the vapor from the oil of a deep fryer tends to cling to the walls and countertops of the kitchen after cooking, so you will have to wipe those clean, as well.

In fact, even if you opt for a pricier deep fryer with splatter-free features, you will still end up with a few oil droplets on the countertop. The worst part is trying to clean a pot after deep-frying. The hassle involved in doing so isn’t even worth talking about anymore.

To Airfryer Or To Deep Fryer

Without a doubt, using an airfryer’s hot air is much healthier than using a deep fryer’s hot oil. Airfried fries, for instance, can have up to 80% less fat compared to deep fried fries. Whether you are on a diet or not, eating less fat on a daily basis would be much healthier for you.

An airfryer is also very easy and very safe to use since you will close it with a lid as you cook. In fact, it is so safe; you don’t need to keep an eye on it as you cook. With deep fryers, you always have to stand there as you cook your food due to the risks involved with them. Some people experience fires at home because of deep fry cooking, while the oil even scalds others as they stand there and cook.

A lot of food gets burnt while cooking with hot oil, too. With an airfryer, you simply have to set the right temperature and then set the timer in order to cook your food to match your personal preferences. Since airfryers are user-friendly and safe, you can even get your teenage children to do the cooking for you without having to think twice.

Unlike deep fryers, airfryers also have several different uses. You can bake, grill, fry and roast food in them, making them much more economical for long-term use.

Food cooked in a deep fryer is still crunchier to bite, though. After all, it is rolled in wet batter before being cooked. Wet batter doesn’t work well with an airfryer because the hot air that moves inside of it will simply blow the batter away. If you want to make your food crispier while cooking in an airfryer, try brushing some oil onto it.

As for the taste, though airfried food tastes great. It is always as tender, as moist and as delicious as deep-fried food. The only differences are the fat content and the crispiness of the skin as mentioned earlier. You won’t get any oily feeling on your mouth and lips from eating airfried food, either.

Generally speaking, which appliance you choose will depend on your priorities. If you want to go on a diet but have trouble letting go of fried food, then a healthy airfryer would be perfect for you. The same goes for if you have a busy schedule, have a small apartment or want your teenage children to cook for you sometimes.

However, if you don’t have a budget for an airfryer yet, or if you love fried food because of the extra crunch, then it would be best for you to stick to a deep fryer instead.

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