8 Amazing Features That Will Make You Want an Airfryer Stat!

8 Amazing Features That Will Make You Want an Airfryer Stat!

Airfryers come with patented technology that can help people make delicious fried food with 80% less fat than regular fryers can. With one, you can enjoy delicious snacks, meals and fries in a healthy way. Plus, airfryers are very easy to clean and provide less smell. Here are 8 amazing features that will make you want to get an airfryer as soon as possible.

Fry Delicious Food with Oil-Free Rapid Air Technology

As just mentioned, airfryers come with patented technology that can help you fry crispy yet delicious fries with 80% less fat compared to regular fryers. It circulates hot air very fast and uses a grill element at the same time, so you can fry different kinds of fried food, chicken, meat and snacks easily and quickly. Plus, since it only uses air to fry food, it will provide less smell compared to a traditional fryer. It is also economical and safe to use on a daily basis.

Control the Temperature for Perfect Results

Its temperature control is completely adjustable, so you can pre-set the best cooking temperatures up to 200 degrees for your food. Enjoy crispy fries, meat, chicken and snacks that are prepared at their ideal temperatures to get the best results possible.

Cook Different Foods at the Same Time

If you are cooking a whole meal, an airfryer comes with a separator accessory that you can use to fry different dishes at once. This will prevent the flavors from mixing with one another as you cook.

Maintain a Clean and Fresh Kitchen At All Times

Airfryers also come with an integrated air filter that stops unwanted cooking vapors and smells from infiltrating your kitchen. This ensures that your kitchen will stay clean and fresh at all times.

Clean the Airfryer with the Utmost Ease

Airfryers have parts that are safe to stick in the dishwasher for the utmost ease of cleaning. They have a removable food basket and drawer with a non-stick coating, for example, that you can clean in a dishwasher.

Keep the Cords Safe

Aside from that, a lot of airfryers come with cord storage, so your cords won’t lie around all over the place. This will keep your kitchen tidy and neat and ensure that nothing is out of place.

Learn More with the Recipe Booklet

Most airfryers in today’s market come with inspiring recipe booklets. These booklets usually contain recipes written by culinary experts that were chosen for being both delicious and easy to make. A lot of the time, these booklets are also filled with different tricks and tips on how to use an airfryer – definitely something that would come in handy for first-time users.

Time Your Dishes with Ease

Lastly, airfryers come with built-in timers that will let you pre-set your cooking times as needed. They turn off automatically, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Put a smile on your entire family’s face by producing homemade fish cakes, chicken nuggets, quiche, tapas and more. An airfryer can turn all of your delicious ideas into an ultra healthy feast.

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